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Saturday, January 22, 2011

English Harbour casino

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• You are never older than you think
• Eat to please thyself, but dress to please other
• Unite your mind and body
• One way to keep yourself happy is to learn to enjoy trouble.
• Master your anger
• Thoughts can make you more ill than any virus.
• Nature is at its finest, when you enjoy it.
• Before healing others, heal yourself.
• Too much comfort weakens the mind and body.
• Choose doctors who treat both the patient and the disease.
• Be master of the mind rather than be mastered by mind.
• Your thoughts affect your health
• Health is never an issue until someone gets sick.
• Don’t play with your food.
• Eat less, live longer.
• Avoid negative people, places, things, habits.
• The world you live in is created by your mind.
• A disease known is half curved.
Health and wealth are state of mind.
• Be happy with who are and what you have.
• Good thoughts are half of health.

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Massage Asylum in Phoenix

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