Saturday, March 26, 2011

TMS Healthcare – The online shop for TeNS

Dear Friends now a day every body looks for Drug free pain relief and new technology are available in the form of various small machines. Like blood sugars, cholesterol meter and many more machines are available in the market. Here I suggest you are the site which offers the online shop for TeNS medical services for you. TeNS is short for "Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation" which at the best of times is a bit of a mouthful. A TeNS Unit is a small electronic device, usually battery powered, that generates a small low voltage electrical current. This current oscillates at frequencies between 2 Hz and 200 Hz and have a variable bandwidth of up to around 300 msecs.This electrical signal is applied to the body using self adhesive TeNS Electrodes sometimes referred to as Electrode Pads strategically placed close to or around the source of the pain being treated. When you use a TeNS Unit you experience a tingling sensation which most people regard as being pleasant. As well as being able to change the characteristics of the electrical current the user can adjust the intensity of the current so that it sits just within a comfortable level.

They are offering various ranges of tens machine like Standard TeNS, TeNS for Childbirth, Interferential, Microcurrent, Ultrasound and Electrodes, Leads & Batteries.When used at low frequencies your TeNS Machine has the effect of stimulating your body's own pain killer - endorphins. This doesn't occur instantly but the effect does build up over a period of 30 minutes or so. The higher frequencies have a different and more dramatic effect. At these frequencies the TeNS Unit blocks the passage of pain signals as they travel along nerve pathways. "No pain signals, no pain!" They are completely safe and have no side effects. Here you are also having the facility for tens machine hire if required they can be used alongside traditional drugs of any kind without there being any fear of interaction. For more detail go and visit this site.

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