Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Purpose Of Our Existance

Often I wonder why we are born and why are different roles and responsibilities bestowed upon us. Had it not been so wonderful to lead a care free life bereft of any responsibility? Life would have then been all so blissful. However that is not to be. The nature created us, is sustaining us and will also destroy us when the call of duty is over.

It is not true then, for me to assume, that it is the nature who plays the role of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara simultaneously?. Some feel: How come it is our lives and yet we do not posses control over its destiny. For example, as working professionals, we cannot decide on our own when to get promotion, what increment to get! Had it not been so, life would have been so wonderful.

At times I feel as though I am an actor who is made to juggle the simultaneous roles of a son, father, brother, Husband, and manager for specified period not even known to me. Unless something beyond ordinary is achieved by me, no one will remember my contributions in the above roles. Hence the nature expects us to perform our duties as offering to the Divine. Common gentry will argue that dabbling on such a philosophical issue will rob us off the motivation to work for the sake of name, fame and money. We do not want to be sadhus. For them my practical solution is: The ability to making others happy in the pursuit of name, fame and money should be the yardstick for measuring motivation.

It is known to us that history remembers only those individuals who tried to make others lives happy. Hence as son my duty and responsibility are keep my parents happy, as a father my children are happy, as a brother my younger are happy and as a manager my subordinate and customer are happy. As a result of discharging of my duties and responsibilities, not only do I attain self satisfaction but also the motivation to keep others happy. Therefore I feel, we are born to make this world a progressive better place to live. But, are we living up to it? That is a million dollar Question.

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