Monday, January 5, 2009

Friendship is a treasured gift

Friendship is not just a relationship full of
Emotions, but a reflection too
Of goodness and endless beliefs.

A friends who’s always on time can have a friend
Whose always late, a friend who’s methodical
Can have a friend who’s serious minded can have a friend
Who’s lighthearted, friends don’t have to be alike,
They know how to enjoy there differences,
This is true friendship.

Life’s trust happiness is found in the friendship we make along the way.

In friendship, friends don’t try to reason with you when you’re being unreasonable.

Friendship’s the wine of life. Rich in love and beauty……
Every sip of it, bring excitement to the heart and fills life with pleasant surprises, to cherish always.

Friendship like trees, grows strong, with each passing day’s
Its value, too, cannot be measured
Only treasured in a unique way.

Friendship is a treasured gift, that gives our hearts a lift,
A blessing we just cannot do without because friendship is
What leaving all about.

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