Thursday, December 25, 2008


Guys, water is most important for life for that A trickle of effort is all it takes
To help save ‘endangered’ water.

Hung up on the clothesline
Lets your cloths hang loose instead of using energy while tumble drying
The longer it take to dry the more you can delay the folding and ironing.
You will save 300 kg of CO2 and about Rs 2900 per year.

Give your Grey water a job
Grey water- the water that goes waste after using in washing
Laundry food etc. can now be recycled and used to water your plants or flush toilets .Get creative and you may come up with other uses of grey water.

Save up on a rainy day
Can the skins ever dry up? Well, if you never want to find out, set up a reservoir on your roof, collect all the water from the surfaces it falls on, and bank it in a storage tank.

Use the right head
Showers account for two-third of all water –heating costs. If you are to manage your dough,low-flowshowerheads is the way to go!

Not up to the brim
Kettles use up a lot of energy when water is filled to the brim. fill them with the exact requirement of water. Don’t let your kettle runner over! This way, you’ll save water and power.

Don’t be a Drip!
You cannot put the taps under lock and key but you can certainly close your taps tight after use or better yet’ replace those leaking taps. A drip can waste over 20000 liters of water every day.

Spring a leak of public protest
Don’t your cape of public responsibility. Check public taps and pipelines in your area and arrange to plug the leak. Be a Rebel with a cause.

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