Monday, December 15, 2008


1) If you focus on results you will never change if you focus on change you will get results.

2) Every body say "Mistake is the first step of success but The Fact is :"Correction of mistake is the first step of success ".

3) Not every thing that is faced can be changed - But nothing can be changed until it is faced.

4) As a child we always wanted to grow up fast now we realize that incomplete home work and broken toys were far better than unfulfilled dreams and broken emotions.

5) A Nice Saying: If someone Points out your Mistake be happy that At least someone’s interested in what you have done.

6) In Life Future is a Question Paper, Past is a News Paper and Present is an Answer Paper! So Read, Learn and Write Carefully.

7) Every relation is like Cardiogram it always has up and down graph. If its steady it dies so accept it positively.

8) Thought for Ever: Always Learn the Wisdom of compromise, because it’s better to bend a little rather than break the relation forever, stays in touch.

9) Power full thought: "Even a small dot can stop a big sentence… But few more Dots can give continuity ……."

10) Life is a Vehicle which is driven with the help of the wheels called HARD WORK, but the journey is impossible without the fuel called CONFIDENCE …!!

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