Friday, December 26, 2008


'Hidden" is time that you previously wasted or consumed with distractions, which you turn into productive periods for pursuing your priority tasks. What are your hidden times? Think about your average workday, weekday evening or free days. Are there moments you might reorganize into your hidden concentrated time? Set up a time log for yesterday or today and write down what you did during each hour. Identify your hidden time and decide how to use it.

Hidden time may be minutes you turn into productive use or longer blocks of time you restructure into your day. For example, you might use the five minutes you usually spend waiting for the bus or the half hour waiting in someone's office, to plan, dictate, or read. Time in your car can be spent listening to educational tapes; if you have a tape recorder on your seat, you could dictate memos or ideas for a new project as you commute to work.

What you are trying to achieve is an organized list that fits in as many activities and relationships as you need and want, without denying you the fulfillment of your own dreams.

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