Friday, December 26, 2008

How to Work Smarter, Not Just Faster

1. Write down your 'ideal" workday. What are your fantasies, dreams and visions of yourself as an efficient worker? How much time is spent getting dressed or commuting to the office? Working at home? How many coffee breaks? How long for lunch? The average phone call? Write a list or a paragraph about that particular workday.

2. Think about the work habits of a few people that you know intimately. Try to imagine how they spend their time and see if you think they are managing their time well or poorly. It may be easier to see time being wasted by others than by yourself. Plan how you would structure their workday to increase the level of efficiency.

3. Review your workday paragraph from question # 1 with the same attitude. What realistic improvements can you make to increase your own efficiency? Talking less on the phone? Grouping similar tasks together? Spending less time at your PC (personal computer) reading e-mail?

4. Set one goal for improving your time at work. Concentrate on that one goal before you move onto another one. Don't tackle too many goals at once. Achieve that one goal; the success you feel will inspire you to go on to your next one. Here are six possible work-related improvements:

1 Lengthen or shorten your lunchtime.

2 Plan at least one vacation this year that you will really enjoy. Change your environment by going away. If funds are in short supply, consider lower cost vacations, swapping your home or apartment with someone else (there are services that help arrange such swaps), or even staying with relatives (if this will not be to stressful).

3 Find a certain time each day (or each week) to keep up with your important correspondence.

4 Figure out what essential work you were hired to do (or that you have to do to move your business or company along) and how to accomplish that first.

5 Delegate any tasks that others could do as well as you; put your time and energy into what only you can do well.

6 Reassess the number of work-related publications that you receive or read. Should you cancel some subscriptions? Begin others? Include time at the library and bookstore checking out what is new in your field as part of your weekly or monthly priority tasks.

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