Sunday, December 14, 2008


If you are not able To SLEEP then DO this

1. For Every Human Being Sleeping is the most Important Factor.

2. But due to wrong Life style most of people having the problem of not go to sleep early in the bed.

3. Generally when you go to bed for sleep, you should sleep within 20 min.

4. If you are not getting sleep …………

Some tips for Easy to go Sleep

Because of work pressure you are not able to sleep on time then get up from bed and start doing that work whenever you are feeling boar and feeling to sleep then go on bed.

Some people may feel sleeping after reading various books ,Particularly read really boring news or magazine.
Lot of people likes to read the book in bed and within 10 Min they go to sleep comfortably.

You must avoid afternoon sleep. Old man and woman’s should avoid afternoon sleep instead of sleeping two, three hours.Read news Paper, Magazines, Listening songs for a good sleep.

Fix your wake up and sleeping time for every day. Make a schedule accordingly.Dont be flexible with this times saying that that will be ideal planning for you.

Don’t sleep more on Holidays .Once you fix your sleeping clock for your body then don’t try to change it. You will feel very energetic and you will not feel lazy and fatty.

Do exercise every day at morning on fixed time. You can also do exercise before 4 hrs of your sleeping.
While going to sleep listen light music or read anything that you like to make your mind cool.

Avoid drinking Coffee, Tea, cold drink, Chocolate or drink before 4 to 6 hrs of sleeping. Lot of people think that after taking drink they are going to sleep very well but that will happens twice or thrice. After that it won’t work & you will not get comfortable sleep.

Take light Dinner at night but don’t sleep without taking food. If you take heavy dinner or sleep without food that is also cause to not able to sleep. Taking a cup of hot milk also helps you to better sleep.

Before sleeping to bed one & half hour take a bath with hot water that’s help you for sleeping.

Please note that problem of not sleeping is dangerous for health. Which also affects on your health? Those who are not able to get good sleep at night having various health problems and the whole day they will not feel well. Also there mood will not be good, ultimately there thinking power will become Weak.

Once you got good sleep you feel so fresh and happy mood for whole day.

Sleeping every day is most important for a Good Health.

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