Wednesday, December 24, 2008


If every family changed three bulbs into CFLs, it will be equal
To taking off 3.5 million cars off the road.

A shower takes 10% less energy than a long bath

It takes 70% less energy to make recycle paper.

If you grow corn organically, it will remove approximately
263 billion kg of CO2.

A single tree absorbs 1000 kg of CO2

Buying local products instead of imported goods
Can save up to 4000 kg of energy.

If every person switches off the lights when he does not need them, it will
Be enough to light up an entire village.

Harnessing solar power will save up to 1700 kg of energy.

It takes 6000000 trees to make one year’s worth of tissues for the world.

Car owner needs to plant 17 Trees every year to counter the green house
Emission of there cars.

Three cheers for trees: One fully grown tree products
Oxygen worth Rs 5.5 lakh in fifty years.

It removes Air Pollution worth Rs 10.5 Lack.

It adds Rs 6.5 Lakh worth of nutrients to the soil,
Besides checking soil erosion.

With every sapling you nurture into a tree, you contribute
Rs 22 lakh to the cause of environmental health.

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