Thursday, December 25, 2008



Dear guys these are some small things if you are doing we all are able to save the depletion of natural resources to save energy .

A power list to help you use less energy.

Tune out the tube
Switch of your television sets, reduce your satellite consumption and think about how your ancestors entertained themselves before the couch potato revolution.

Turn off when you turn in
Always switch off the light when you leave the room. Your carbon consumption will go down by 100 Kg.

Put your charger on a Power Diet
All of you who are gluttons for gizmos and gadgets, chargers eat a
Great amount of electricity. Always unplug when they’re not being used.
Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

It’s cool to be hot
Keep the air conditioner at an optimum 24oC. And if you feel the
Heat, just open the windows. In with the good, out with the bad!
Save 900 kg of CO2 and around Rs 3900 per year.

Fluorescent in fashion
Compact fluorescent lights
Use one-third of the energy of regular bulbs
And dazzle with equal brilliance.
And last ten times longer.

Water down the supply
Have shorter showers and don’t let the water run when bathing.
Whatever any body says , longer showers do not a cleaner person make!
Hot showers account for two-thirds of all water heating cost.

Loaded with Laundry
When using the washing machine make sure that it’s fully loaded
So that it is put to optimum use. Now you can hoard dirty laundry
For weeks together without any guilt.
You’ll save energy – yours as well as machines.
Save 45 kg of CO2 and approximately Rs. 1500 per year.

Go for solar
Install a solar water heater instead of an electric geyser. A 100 little solar
Water heater can save around 1500 units of electricity every year.

Less is definitely more
Buy appliances that use less energy. Opt for a hand-held egg beater over an
Electric one. It will help you reduce your carbon consumption.

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